Dance film ‘Arch of Repose’ Nominated for an Emmy Award.

Created in collaboration with Bitter Jester Creative, with support from the Chicago Dancemakers Forum Lab Artist Award, Arch of Repose is a poetic, dream-like film accompanying six wandering souls on an existential journey. The central theme is a young woman’s growing independence.

The Emmy nomination is shared by all of the dedicated and talented people who helped to shape the film, most especially the dancers (Jessie Gutierrez, Victor Alexander, Justin Deschamp, Maray Gutierrez, Michel Rodriguez); the amazing Daniel Kullman (Director of Photography and Editor) and Nicolas DeGrazia (producer) of Bitter Jester Creative; Carol Genetti (performer, vocalist, costumer); Richard Woodbury (composer); Rosemary Prodonovich (production manager); Nadia Oussenko and Sebastien Audenelle (video); and many, many more.


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