FUTURA: Bauhaus-based Project

FUTURA, Hedwig Dances’ next major work, is a collaborative multidisciplinary dance by Jan Bartoszek.  Futura applies principles of the Bauhaus modernist art movement to dance, while also challenging notions of what constitutes choreography.

Drawing upon Bartoszek’s recent trip to Germany where she researched the living Bauhaus school and movement, Futura explores such topics as the role of social design in dance, and how dance shapes, and is shaped by society, art, architecture, and design in the 21st century. In a parallel vein, Futura focuses on space, particularly the idea of confinement and freedom, as well as analogies between the Weimar era and our own time.  In Futura, Bartoszek will apply Bauhaus principles and aesthetics—abstraction, playful thinking, experimentation—to the development of choreography and production elements, the use of 21st century media, and the ways in which performers interact with the audience. Through playful experimentation between dancers and collaborators, Hedwig Dances will build a novel, richly theatrical movement playground threaded with a rousing musical score and a vibrant, colorful visual design.

Futura will premiere in Fall 2018.